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As a market leader with a proven track record we remain a major player by constantly reacting to market needs, pushing boundaries through research, testing and development.

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What is Sisalation®?

Sisalation® is a superior reflective foil insulation product that cost-effectively insulates and protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture.

Essentially Sisation® is a lamination of aluminium foil to kraft paper, reinforced with fiberglass and, in some products, flame retardant adhesive.

It is economical and maintenance free.

The Original & Best

Manufactured using state-of-the-art adhesive laminating technology Sisalation® has stayed one step ahead of new developments and trends, remaining brand leader for over 3 decades.

Sisalation has an unmatchable track record. It was the first reflective foil insulation product to be awarded the SABS mark and the first foil insulation membrane to incorporate a fire retardant.

Its unparalleled reputation for excellence, quality, service and innovation ensures that its still on a roll and better than ever.

Heat, cold, water, dust, fire, energy bills . . . foiled again.