Company Info

Afripack was founded in 1933 as Paper Sacks (SA)

A number of organisational and name changes ensued, which progressed the company to where it is today - a leading name in the South African flexible packaging industry with two main product lines – industrial and consumer packaging.

In April 2011, following the acquisition of Nampak Laminated & Coated Products, an Afripack Coatings Division was established.

This acquisition brought a new dimension to the Afripack group adding a longstanding range of foil/paper/fibre and film laminate products as well as a market leading roof insulation brand - Sisalation®.

Sisalation® is a high quality reflective foil roof insulation product that cost-effectively insulates and protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture. The product comprises of a lamination of aluminium foil to kraft paper, or woven cloth reinforced with fiberglass and, in some products, flame retardant additives.

Sisalation® is an ideal add-on to Afripack's ambitions of developing into Africa , since the hotter it gets the more reason there is to insulate.

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